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Visual, Reaction and Cognitive Endurance Training for High-Performance Athletes

SMARTfit Small Group X, Functional and HIIT

SMARTfit Small Group X, Functional and HIIT
SMARTfit Small Group X, Functional and HIIT

SMARTfit Small Group X, Functional and HIIT

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Sports Performance Training with Tyrone Fa'anono

Sports Performance Training with Tyrone Fa'anono

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SMARTfit Sports Performance

SMARTfit Sports Performance

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Sports Performance Training with Dr. Charles Flowers

Sports Performance Training with Dr. Charles Flowers

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SMARTfit - Cognitive, Endurance, Speed, Reaction Training

Engaging and motivating

SMARTfit engages youth of all ages and abilities in action-based learning and exercise using captivating, interactive technology to spark participation.

SMARTfit’s powerful performance tracking and monitoring system is highly engaging and motivating while providing objective evidence of progress.


  • Faster speed and reaction skills,

  • Recovering quickly from errors,

  • Making instant decisions under pressure,

  • Pushing through extreme physical and mental fatigue,

  • Improving executive strategy & technique under pressure.

Missing link

SMARTfit’s filmed turnkey programming and data tracking capability is unmatched in its ability to capture performance data in real time.

It provides the missing link for performance and endurance training with its focus on training the brain to function efficiently while concurrently placing a visual, cardio, strength, motor, and skill demand on the body.


​SMARTfit offers trainers and professional athletes a valuable tool to develop high performance athletes in any sport.

  • Developed for the Competitive Athlete

  • The Ultimate Pre-match Warm-Up Training

  • Maintain Peak Performance Throughout the Game

  • Develops Vital Underlying Reaction and Motor Skills


SMARTfit® Research Papers

The Science Behind SMARTfit’s Gamified
Approach to Sports Performance Training

SMARTfit’s Multisensory Approach to Exercise and its Affect on Brain Plasticity and Learning

SMARTfit - Sport Performance models



High Performance, Cognitive, Speed and Reaction Training for Professional Athletes​. SMARTfit console is a valuable tool to help professional athletes sharpen their cognitive and physical abilities. 



SMARTfit programs offer an exciting new focus on neurological and cognitive fitness for members who enjoy the motivation received from gamified workout programs where training can be as fun and intense as real competition.



SMARTfit gamified training is fun, social, highly effective and delivers complete brain and body workouts tailored for every member of the family regardless of age or ability.  Improve brain health, physical fitness and sports skills without leaving home.

Professional Sports

Professional Sports
SMARTfit for Professional Athletes

Our high performance training systems are a perfect addition for professional sports training applications which have been included in training programs for the Los Angeles Lakers and the University of Southern California. Our workstations challenge athletes physically and mentally.

An important aspect of the physical and mental challenges created by the SMARTfit system is how they can be shaped to simulate movements that relate specifically to each athlete’s sport and unique abilities. Athletic trainers can design personal challenges and workout routines that seek to build on an athlete’s strengths and improve their weaknesses.

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Key Benefits to Professional Athletes
  • Faster speed and reaction skills

  • Recovering quickly from mistakes

  • Making instant decisions under pressure

  • Increasing focus and attention span

  • Pushing through extreme physical and mental fatigue

  • Improving executive strategy & technique under pressure

  • Help to learn both efficient cognitive and motor performance simultaneously

Lawrence Jackson


Former NFL Defensive End

I see SMARTfit as a way for elite athletes to break through performance plateaus and develop the vital underlying reaction and motor skills for sports. More importantly, it helps to develop efficient on-the-spot mental processing which is great for sports as well as all high-pressure professions such as business, military and policing. This platform is limitless.

Fitness Clubs

Fitness Clubs
SMARTfit for Fitness Clubs

SMARTfit functional and brain training offers an attractive option for modernizing any small group training program by adding the important element of fun through its gamified programming. 


Classes focusing on balance stabilization, mental agility, sports skills, HIIT and speed and reaction training can substantially boost attendance. Tracking performance on personal iOS/Android companion App will keep members engaged and competitive with self and members of the group.

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Key Benefits to Fitness Clubs
  • FUN – A Social experience for your members

  • MOTIVATING – Competition with self or group/team

  • ENGAGING – Brain, Social Interaction, Play, Team Building

  • ENJOYMENT – Desire to keep coming back

  • IMPROVE – Cognitive function, speed/agility, balance/stabilization, sports skills, cardio fitness

Gunnar Peterson

Director of Strength and Endurance at NBA team Los Angeles Lakers

SMARTfit merges exercise and performance like nothing else on the market. I hear
‘mind/body’ all the time in the fitness world, but it wasn’t until I saw this technology
in action that I realized what mind/body could be for athletes and others of all ages
and abilities.
SMARTfit is the real mind/body training tool and I am thrilled to take an active role in
programming for this cutting-edge company.

Sport at Home

Sport at Home
SMARTfit for Sport at Home

It starts with a game that triggers the desire to play. Then, through highly engaging repetition powered by the desire to achieve, it rapidly develops your physical and mental skills. 


SMARTfit’s 2,000 training activities will ensure you keep improving.  Whether it is for the next sports competition or just to enjoy your physical and mental competence, SMARTfit will meet you where you are and take you where you want to go.


Convert your garage, basement or home gym into an interactive, sports, brain and body training arena. 


Stay safe while you keep your brain sharp and body in peak condition.

Key Benefits
  • Improves motor and eye/hand coordination

  • Boosts memory function and attention span

  • Increases mental and physical reaction time

  • It’s focus is on training the brain to function efficiently while concurrently placing a visual, cardio, strength, motor, and skill demands faced in real competition.

  • Improves immediate decision-making skills

  • Gain greater levels of cognitive, motor and physical efficiency in record time.

  • Training with SMARTfit improves sports skills such as speed, reaction times, ball control, accuracy, core balance, visual-motor

Marcos Matthews

Professional Soccer Player

I kept training with SMARTfit until I graduated from high school and was signed to play professionally in Europe. I started with SMARTfit at the age of 16 struggling to keep up and due to the help of SMARTfit, at the age of 20, I’m currently playing with my second professional team in Spain

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